Thursday, December 22, 2011

Are you experiencing:
• Repetitive patterns of poor relationships?
• The affects of trauma as a young child in current
• A desire for greater self-esteem in relationships
• A desire for more satisfying relationships?
Plan to join Ken Silvestro for this fascinating look
at relationships!
Thanks for a great course. It helped me better understand
myself and my patterns!
- MK, Missoula MT
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NEW: This course is
also offered remotely,
so you can participate
from your home or
Kathy Mangan
Psychology of Relationship
With Ken Silvestro
Location: Red Willow Learning Center
825 West Kent Avenue, Missoula
Ken’s academic path began with electrical engineering, eventually
leading to his doctoral degree in Artificial Intelligence, a new and
burgeoning field at the time. After obtaining his doctoral degree,
Ken studied Osteopathic medicine for a year, supplementing this
with a formal study of homeopathy and holistic healing methods.
After leaving Osteopathic medicine, Ken attended the C.G. Jung
Institute of Boston, training and studying in the area of Jungian
Psychology (Analytic Psychology).
Over the years, Ken taught at numerous universities and colleges,
and currently holds faculty appointments at two universities. Ken
also practices psychoanalytic-psychotherapy in Missoula and
Seeley Lake.
Your Instructor is Ken Silvestro
January 18– February 15, 2012
The Red Willow Learning Center is located at:
825 West Kent Avenue
Missoula MT
For those familiar with Missoula, it is in the
space formerly occupied by Home ReSource.